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Updated regularly, yet randomly.

Trouble with PillowWriter's animated GIF generator

Recently needed to create a sequential stream of images from some measurement data. Python's MatPlotLib offers Pillow library to accomplish that. Could create animated GIFs using PillowWriter. Great!
However, a requirement was that the animation should run only once, but the AGIF generated by the Pillow looped forever. One can set repeat=False in animation.FuncAnimation(), but that goes nowhere.
Here is my quick fix explained. Is a bit ugly, but works.

Tradeshow database

If you have a plan to visit Japan and have blank days to pad out with activity (and visiting countryside to see us is not an option this time), it is a good idea to check out what trade shows are available at that time.
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) hosts an useful web site, listing most of the tradeshows, including Japan.

The site offers a search engine to refine your area of interest. For minimum, select the region and country, as well as the period of interest.

No pic found, try to survive without.

Gedit tuning for programming

Gedit is a great editor for those programmers, whose geekinez quota is too low for Emacs || vi, and/or in the other end, who do not need all the fanciness of full-blown IDEs. The fine thing in Gedit is that user has lots of options and resources available to pimp the editor to suit to the target purpose.


The theme of the editor tends to affect to the mood of the programmer and consequently to the quality of the code. Pleasant theme -> good code -> happy user.

Darkmate theme by Luigi Maselli provides a stunning codeview for those who prefer dark background and plenty of Mellotron. We humbly made some own changes to the theme and renamed it to Darkmod. It is available in here. Place the file to a convenient location and install it from preferences->Font&Colors->Add...
To add seasoning, change editor font to "Sazanami Gothic Regular 14pt".
Have fun!
Example image of the Gedit theme